Celebrities Hacked, How To Keep Your Pics Safe

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This weekend, the iCloud accounts of many celebrities were hacked, and their personal photos were cast out into the internet for the world to see. Some of the stars blamed Apple directly, criticizing the security of their online backup service. However, Apple responded in saying that after investigating this matter, their system had not been […]

IE Vulnerability Found, Affects All Versions

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Yesterday, Microsoft published a security advisory saying that they’ve discovered a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could allow remote code execution through the IE user. This means that if a hacker successfully used this exploit against you, they could take full control of your system. This means they can install programs, setup other users and […]

The Final Countdown: 4 days left for XP.

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After months of hearing rumors, it’s finally here. On April 8th, Microsoft will release the last batch of security updates for Windows XP, and then that’s it. What does it mean? For you, for your doctor or financial consultant who’s office desktops are still running this old, yet still very popular operating system? Immediately, probably […]